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Vessel ID 
Vessel Name 
Type of Voyage 
Official No 
Call Sign 
Vessel Type 
  View FBS00001ALEXANDER SPIRITInternational9326524 C6XT93 - Bulk Carrier
  View FBS00002CAPT STEFANOSInternational9227194 C6SN93 - Bulk Carrier
  View FBS00003GAS HARALAMBOSInternational9423126 C6WP310 - Gas Carrier
  View FBZ00001OCEAN HARMONYInternational9254757 V3WN611 - General Cargo
  View FBZ00002OCEAN GLORYInternational9303405 V3WX211 - General Cargo
  View FBZ00003OCEAN FAITHInternational9354557 V3ZY911 - General Cargo
  View FCN00001HAI SHENGInternational9827944 VRRP916 - Oil Tanker
  View FCN00002XIN YAN TIANInternational9234367 BPBA8 - Full Container
  View FCN00003KANG HUA WANInternational9814404413527910BOPC16 - Oil Tanker
  View FCN00004KANG HUA WANInternational9814404413527910BOPC16 - Oil Tanker
  View FGB00001KYOTO TOWERInternational9384887912765MCNR8 - Full Container
  View FHK00002CSCL MARSInternational9467287 HK32388 - Full Container
  View FHK00003YM KEELUNGInternational9450595 VRFI28 - Full Container
  View FHK00004MAERSK NITEROIInternational9434943 VRFW58 - Full Container
  View FHK00005OCEAN GEMSTONEInternational9445239 VRRY811 - General Cargo
  View FHK00006MAERSK NITEROIInternational9434943 VRFW516 - Oil Tanker
  View FHK00007COSCO AQABAInternational9518359 VRMN88 - Full Container
  View FHK00008COSCO HOUSTONInternational9484273HK3507VRKN88 - Full Container
  View FHK00009CSC CORALInternational9406348HK2204VREG625 - Tanker
  View FHK00010FU NING WANInternational9383352 VRDN925 - Tanker
  Total Record : 128      
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